Thursday, April 16, 2015

Heir of Fire


Heir of Fire

By: Sarah J. Maas

Rating: 5 Wine Glasses
Can we just pause for a moment to take in the awesomeness that is Sarah J. Maas. *pauses for eternity* 


Heir of fire is quite possibly one of the best books out in the world! I don't know how Sarah does it, but she just has some crazy writing mojo that I've never seen before. EVER.  And I love it. I love it so much in fact that I wish to print out this whole book and tape the pages all over my bedroom. Yes, that might be slightly strange, but for those of you who have read this book you probably have the same urge. Now for the souls who haven't read this life changing book, you're probably asking yourself right now one) if I'm sane and two) what's so special?...

Well I'll tell you what's so special, in fact its all I want to do right now so let's begin:

 The plot is so freaking complex and fantastic in this book that you don't even mind being lost in the madness called Heir of Fire. You know those book that are told from multiple perspective and just seriously suck, yeah well Sarah J. Maas rocks the multiple perspective thing. And not only does she rock it but she knows just how to intertwine these characters to make the plot that much more interesting. You are introduced to this massive plot through the use of multiple different characters and it is mind blowing. I was enthralled, completely, totally, and everything in between.

Not only did the plot kick ass, so did Celaena. She is one of the best heroines to read about especially on the third book because you can easily see just how much she has changed. She's still the baddest bad ass out there, but it took her some time to really get there in this book. However when she did, it was just sooooo satisfying, because you are rooting for her to get there throughout the book. You want her to overcome all of these obstacle, and figure out who she is. I became attached to Celaena, I cried when she cried, and my heart went out to her when she was lost. Her fictitious life became so incredibly real to me and watching her develop as a character is as satisfying as any accomplishment.  "For she was the heir of fire, and she would bow to no one". Indeed. 

Now Rowan, people I am not ashamed to say this at all, nope no even in the tinniest bit.... I SHIP ROWAN AND CELAENA. 

I'm sorry but Chaol just isn't cutting anymore, ESPECIALLY in this book. And if I'm being completely honest I don't even know if Rowan is meant to be a love interest at all but still.... I ship it.  So freaking hard. And "to whatever end". Rowan is perfect for Celaena . They are so alike, and they have this relationship when they just stare at each other and KNOW what the other one is thinking, they have WHOLE CONVERSATIONS PEOPLE just by looking at each other. *sighh*.....I really hope the next book makes this ship a reality.

I made a mistake and waited this long to read Heir of Fire.

Don't pull a Stephanie.

Read the book now, right now because I promise you don't want to miss out on not only the awesomeness that is Sarah j. Maas, but the amazing world of Celaena Sardothian. This chicks going to rattle the stars people. :)

 Stay Drunk on Book,


  1. I'm so happy this series is making a bit hit with you, Yay!! I'm excited to dig into her newest book (which I see you're reading, hope you love it too) and then maybe I can continue this amazing series.
    Lovely review, Steph :)

    1. Thank you for much! I can't wait for Queen of Shadows to come out, Sarah just kills me with these days of waiting.