Saturday, June 27, 2015

Hello blogging world. Today is my One Year Blogoversary.. YAY!
I spent it driving in a smushed car for 13 hours...not so much "yay" for that part, but I just wanted to recognize the fact that making this blog was a massive step for my book loving life. I know I might not be a massive contributor to the book blogging world, but being apart of it, no mater how small, is all I really ever asked for.  Having a love for books is great, but finding other people who love books just as much as you do is a challenge.  Blogging is the key to connecting you with other people who are just as crazy as you are, and I can't thank you wonderfully amazing people enough. My love for reading has only become more diverse and important to me because of all of those people out there who enjoy the pleasure of a good book. You are the people that I would put my book down for to hang out with. (Even though we would probably talk about more book stuff).
I know I'm not blogging all the time, but just being apart of this community in a minor way has shaped me into a person I love being. Thank you for an amazing year!!! Hears to the next one readers!
Stay Drunk....on books,

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