Saturday, February 28, 2015

Winners Curse

The Winners Curse

By Marie Rutkoski
Rating: 4 Wine Glasses

Typically I'm drawn to strong heroines. And usually they kick some serious ass. Kestrel is a completely different kind of strong than what I'm used to from female heroines and I think that's what ultimately makes this book so unique. Kestrel is the intelligent kind of strong, the girl you don't want to go against in a battle of wits because she will figure you out before you even do.  In a situation that most female heroines fight there way out of, Kestrel always finds some intelligent way to outsmart her opponent. She's quick, resourceful, and an overall interesting character. But I must warn you, in the beginning of the book Kestrels kind of a brat. She's the general’s daughter, so everyone knows her. She's rich, and money isn't that big of a deal for her so blowing all of daddy's money won't get her grounded like most teenagers.

Kestrel changes a lot from the beginning of the book to its ending. The character development was astonishing in this book and I think that's why I actually liked the fact that Kestrel was a brat in the beginning. 

She goes through all of these trials and challenges, and you see her point of view change on certain things that she wouldn't normally give two craps about.
Kestrel wasn't the only unique thing about this book however, the plot was magnificent. I've never read anything like this book. I honestly had no clue what was going to happen. The whole premise of this book was just out there, and I completely ate it up. Here's this empire that has everything going great for them, except for some people, the slaves. Now obviously the whole rebellion feel was thrown into the book instantly. You knew there was going to be a revolt  (Having Arins point of view helped), but it didn't change the amount of intensity that was involved with the scenes. Once again, I'm surprised with just how much I enjoy having two different points of view. Arin is just, wow. He's definitely a good love interest people. Five stars to Arin. Serious book boyfriend material.

The romance isn't the main part of this book however, it affects ALOT of decisions made, but it isn't the only thing this book has going. You have the slave issue, kestrels "father daughter talks", fighting, and basically a war. So yes there is romance, but not the over powering kind.

Now I'm just sitting here smiling because I only have to wait 3 day for the next book to come out. I'm see you soon Arin;)

Stay drunk on books,

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