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Ship It Sunday #2


Hey guys! Welcome to the second official Ship It Sunday. For those who haven't seen my first post, I created Ship It Sunday for the purpose of talking about our ships.
Once again, I would imagine that most of us bloggers are very aware of what a ship is, but for the few who don't heres the definition: ship  (Yes, I got this from, sue me).

N: Short for romantic relationship, popularized in fanfiction circles.

V: To endorse a romantic relationship.

N: I see a 'ship developing between Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley.

V: I ship Ron/Hermione

Point of Ship It Sunday:

We all have ships. I know I use I ship it for just about everything including chips with cheese. I thought that we could have Sunday dedicated to our lovely character ships though. Every Sunday we can talk about different ships, little ships, dying ships, ships we wish existed, and ENORMOUS ships. Point is Ships. I want this to be an interactive post, PLEASE comment on your opinions of the ship! I promise I wont throw stones at you, even if your opinion is different from mine.  Hell, you might not even ship them! That is perfectly okay! I would love to hear what you have to say! Oh, and there will probably be spoilers in the post, so if you have not read the book that we are talking about that Sunday, please dont continue reading the post! Go read the book!

For the second Ship It Sunday I pick the unstoppable Jace and Clary from The Mortal Instruments. (Part of the reason I picked them is because the series just ended, and I'm having some withdrawal.) This is my way of dealing with it.

(If you have not read The Mortal Instruments you need to pick yourself up and go buy all six of them, you should have done this yesterday)

My love for Jace and Clary is so incredibly unreal. They have controlled my world for all six books of the series. They are an amazingly dedicated couple,and I have never not shipped them, even when they were "brother and sister" (Sorry, I shipped incest for a while). Hey, you guys all know you shipped incest for those books too, don't deny it. 

My ship for them is possibly the biggest ship I have right next to some others.
Jace and Clarys ship:

Just incase you were confused they are the massive ship. That little ship is insignificant and probably wouldn't make it in the world of ships. Oh well, survival of the fittest and all that jazz.

Reasons to ship Clary and Jace:

    They are such a real couple, they had trials and fights.  They screamed,and kissed and made up. They have gone through the freaking underworld together. I don't know about you but most people don't break up after going through hell together (no pun intended).

     Clary influenced Jace positively.  Jace can be so crass and impassive sometimes, but when he was with Clary he would realize who he wanted to be, and that was who he was when he was with her.

    Well once again they kick ass together. And they support each other in there ass kicking, now there's a ship I love.

Reasons not to ship Clary and Jace:

    NONEXISTENT (not that I'm biased or anything).;)

My song of choice for Clary and Jace would have to be:

 Clarity by Zedd.

 Or at least this part of the song.

"If our love is tragedy, why are you my remedy?

If our love's insanity, why are you my clarity?"

For so long there love was so insane and unnatural for the first couple of books, but it was always meant to be, and they were always each other's clarity. 💛

Questions: what's your song of choice for Clary and Jace? Do you ship them? What do you think about there ship name Clace? How did you feel about the end of the series? Were you happy with the ships ending?

That ends Ship It Sunday! Thanks for stopping by. Don't forget to comment your opinion!

Stay Drunk.....on Books.

Love, Steph

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Liebster Award!




This is my first time being nominated for the Liebster award! I’m extremely honored! I was nominated by The Curator Of Knowledge @The Curator of Knowledge


The basic rules:

1.   Link and thank the blogger who nominated you

2.    Answer the question they asked

3.    Pick 11 other bloggers with no more than 200 followers to nominate

4.    Ask them 11 questions and let them know you nominated them


My answers to her questions:

1.    Favorite place to read?

I have this amazingly comfortable swing/hammock chair in my room that I absolutely love. It’s the comfiest chair! I could fall asleep in it.

2.    Favorite food?

Chinese, gosh I freaking LOVE Chinese food. If you bring me Chinese it’s instant love.

3.    If you could go back in time, where would you go?

I would go back to the moments I was smaller and was closer to my cousins before I moved. Those are memories I would love to relive.

4.    Favorite breakfast?

Classic eggs, bacon, and toast/bagel

5.    One thing you wish you did?

I wish I took more risks, but I still have time to be risky so I’m not to worried. ;)

6.    Favorite dessert?

I love mint chocolate chip ice cream. Yum.

7.    Favorite superhero?

This question is so hard to answer, so many heroes. I would have to go with Spiderman; he’s the only thing that has spider in it that I like. J

8.    What kind of shoes do you like the best?

I love wedges, they are soooo fun to wear and they are super comfy so I don’t have to worry about my feet for the night! J

9.    Road trips or air travel?

I would have to say it depends on how far away, if I’m going somewhere decently far, definitely air travel. If it’s like a roadtrip with my friends for a day or two, I would do the road trip. It just depends on the distance and how fast I really need to get there.

10. Are you an indoor or outdoor person?

I am most defiantly an outdoor person. My family is ridiculously active. Hell, I have thanksgiving in a campground with my whole family. It’s pretty sweet.

11. Any advice or tips for other bloggers?

Try to do what’s best for you. We obviously have to keep up on blogging, but if you really need to finished something else because you have other things that need to get done, don’t sweat it. I feel like I have so much stress when it comes to blogging sometimes, and it’s not supposed to always be like that. Have fun, blogging is something I know I like to do. It shouldn’t be forced.

Here are a few awesome nominees:


Questions for the nominees:
1.   What’s your favorite song?
2.   What’s the craziest thing you’ve done?
3.   What’s your least favorite Disney movie?
4.   Which book that you’ve read had the best plot twist?
5.   Most memorable character is?
6.   If you were a Disney princess, which one would you be?
7.   Do you like the rain?
8.   Where is your dream house located?
9.   Do you like taking selfies?
10.    Which fictional boyfriend would you pick to spend the rest of your live with?
11.     Would you rather have humor or looks?
That wraps up my Liebster Award!  Make sure to check out the nominees because all of them have fantastic blogs!
Stay drunk.....on books. ;)


Tuesday, August 12, 2014



By: Jennifer L. Armentrout

Rating: 5 Wine Glasses

I'm just going to state the obvious right now:I HATE FINISHING SERIES. It's like falling for the perfect guy and then having him leave after a year. I'm just done, I mean I hate when things finish, you know there is such a thing as infinity. Yes, crazy as I sound I want a series that never ends, but it has to be a kick ass series like the Lux Series, or the Mortal Instruments.

Alright now that I have ranted about wanting this series to never end, I'll tell you just how I felt about the end. *sighh*

Gosh, I will have to admit that this was probably my least favorite, which isn't saying much because it's still 5 wine glasses of awesomeness. It's not that it was bad, I feel like it was missing a little more of plot development. It had the plot but not enough action or detail was added to the plot. It kind of just happened, like bam the world was saved. The ending was the part that just didn't feel fully developed. A little to out of the blue, but don't be mistaken I still have a major women crush on Jennifer, she knows how to write a killer story.

 There were lots of high intensity scenes and some kick assery that I highly enjoyed because who doesn't like a hot guy blowing up stuff? That's right, no one.  Ahh yes, now I get to the point of my whole existence and 80% of why I read this book in the first place. Two words: Daemon Black. I'm pretty sure he invented hotness, the freaking creator of it. Let us all take a moment to swoon, maybe two. Gosh damn him and his abnormal hotness; I think we all understand the Daemon Back makes it hard to think so I'm just going to quote his beautifully delicious words

" I broke every rule of my kind to heal you and keep you with me. I married you and burned down an entire city to keep you safe, I've killed for you. Did you think I'd forget what you mean to me? That anything in this world- in any world- would be stronger than my love for you?" Ugh, there goes the swooning. I think we can just agree that wherever daemon black goes swooning goes with him. Sure he's a major pain in the ass sometime, but all the best aliens are.

Enter Katy or Kitten. ;)  Kat is one of my all time favorite female characters she has all this snark and sassy out and ready to use. She's also so relatable, especially because she loves books, and I think that is one of the traits that has me fully in love with Kats character. Katy has become the very thing that Daemon has always needed. She's tough when he somehow can't be. She's compassionate when he's gone over the edge. Shes loving, even when sometimes he doesn't deserve it. They are one of my all time favorite couples because they are what I feel that love should stand for.  This book started with this desperation between them, that they really had to fight through

"There were a hundred ways all of this could play out, and I couldn't see a happy ending with any of them."

They fought so extremely hard for their love, and dammit if I was going to see them fail. Katy did such a good job of being an anchor and I feel like she's always been one in all of the books. Now I feel like I finally recognize Daemon as stepping up and being the anchor that Katy needed in the book. Finally he found something to care about other then himself, and it's so incredibly beautiful. Katy really went through a lot of crap in this book, and we all know she didn't deserve it. The emotions and help that daemon provided for her during those times were so insanely raw and perfect. I love seeing him so broken down and human (ironically), and the dual point of view helped with that immensely.  Daemon ended up realizing the one thing I've always wanted him to realize. "Love was a gift". Cue the sobbing.

Now the humor game was on point. I will never get tired of all that snarky wit from these characters. There were moments that I thought; the whole freaking world needs to hear these lines. Someone needs to tell Jennifer that if she even gets tired of writing to go into comedy, I have a feeling she would succeed.
Example A: " I started picturing people tweaking- everyone in the limo. All of them bent over, butts in the air, looking like damn fools."

Example B: We could really use the Avengers right now"   " Screw that. We need Loki Daemon retorted. General Eaton arched a brow. "Well, unfortunately, the marvel universe isn't real, so..."

And if you aren't convinced of the funniest of Jennifer Armentrout, you need to go see a doctor.

Let's not forget all of the other main characters such as Archer, Luc, and Dee. They were magnificent. Dee is probably one of my favorites, she has the biggest hearts, at least she did for most of this book. There were some technically difficulties that had to be worked out,  mostly through violence and screaming but all was right in the world with the lovely Dee at the end. She was the very best friend that Kat always needed, and I absolute adore her with Archer. That sexy Origin with his purple eyes. Damn those aliens. Always going so hot and beautiful on us.

There were moments in Opposition that I felt were so quotable, such as a time that Kat was talking about loss. It never went away, but stayed with you like a faint shadow that was thinker some days than others."

Also when Daemon said the same thing from Obsidian. "The most beautiful people, ones whose beauty is only rivaled by what is inside of them, are the ones who are quietly unaware of it."
I feel like that really closed it up, first the line was used in Obsidian and then ended with Opposition. These characters will be missed dearly. May the phrase "Holy Alien babies everywhere" live on forever.  I know I won't forget it.