Friday, April 1, 2016

The Great Hunt

The Great Hunt
 By Wendy Higgins
3 Wine Glasses

After reading the Sweet trilogy, Higgins has easily become an author that I look forward to reading! When I found out that she would be coming out with a new duology, I flipped.

Plus, after reading the premise I was more then intrigued. And I was intrigued, for most of this book I was seriously invested, but by the time I finished it I realized I didn’t actually love this book. I really think the way it ended wasn’t satisfactory for me. I know there is going to be a second book, but this ending kind of killed me. By the time I put it down I was like, “ this is one of those books that you read in one sitting, finish it, and wonder why you read it in one siting.” I know all of this sounds really negative, but this book honestly wasn’t bad, I’m just a bit unsatisfied with the ending.

Now, Higgins is a romance junkie, so when I picked this book up I was expecting so many moments…. there isn’t, people. Yeah, I swooned for some of it, but it wasn’t the Higgins I was expecting. However, considering the book and its storyline I really shouldn’t be that shocked. This is a hunt, with beasts, men who can’t keep their opinions to themselves, and a family full of moxie. So, the romance really isn’t an important part of this book, but with good reason. This all being said, I don’t think the lack of romance takes away from the book. I do wish there was a bit more, but I like the call she made.  

The character development was one of the few things that was done well for some characters and eh for other characters. I did like most of the characters, but some of their relationships weren’t developed enough. It felt slightly rushed in a way. When I finished I realized I was so invested in finding out the ending that the development didn’t quite match up. People were at places in their relationship that didn’t make sense to me.  

Overall, this book is one that I would tell people to wait for the second one if they want to read it. It’s good, but I feel this should have been made into one large standalone.

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