Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Bridges Burned


Bridges Burned

By Chris Cannon

Rating: 2.5 Wine Glasses

Frustrating. That is the word I would use to describe this book. There were so many things that happened that just made me want to scream. Sure, there were definitely positives to this book, but not enough to really save the book from its over all hair-pulling-booking-slamming-ness.
So because of my frustration I'm making a pro and con list. (Sue me)
-The Main Character was pretty snarky, and I just can't resist snark. I'm drawn to all that sass.
-She had some great best friend. I loveddddd ivy and Clint. They really helped develop this story, and make it somewhat bearable. 
- Hello, dragons are awesome, and not something you see in a lot of books. I loved reading something uncommon.
-    Bryns knight, yes please. Now that is one character done right. She actually developed a REAL relationship with this person. There was actual character development between the two. HE WAS A FREAKING GENTLEMAN WITH A BRAIN BRYN. YOU BETTER HOP ON THAT BECAUSE YOU'VE MADE FAR TOO MANY MISTAKES.
And cue cons.
-where was the character development in this book? It felt a bit forced at time. The chemistry between her characters were hardly there.
-The scenes were just to choppy and short. Usually I'm down with having little detail, but after reading this book I realized that she really didn't put in half as much detail that was needed to develop this plot.
-    Finally the thing that pissed me off to no end is ZAVIEN. Wow, so can we have a punching booth for this dude. He just thinks he's all high and mighty. And not only is he a completely ass hat, BRYN IS AN IDIOT. She continues to date him and be all confused and stupid after he practically ditches her for another girl (WHO HE IS ENGAGED TO) every freaking time. My gosh women, get a brain and ditch the loser. I just could not stand it. She has a perfectly loving knight WAITING on her every need, but here she is strung up on some jerk face that can't make up his mind.  BRYN might have had snark, but she clearly didn't have a brain.
As much as I wanted to like this book, I just couldn't get past the M.C. And poorly developed plot.

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