Sunday, June 29, 2014

Natural Born Angel

Review on Natural Born Angel (Immortal City #2) By Scott Speer

Rating: 2 Wine Glasses.

 I don't even know where to start with this book. My feelings are all over the place. I am really aggravated and disappointed. I really just want to go outside and scream to the world. But I'll probably end up screaming into my pillow as an alternative.
See this book wasn't bad it was actually pretty good. It’s just that NOTHING happened the way I wanted it to. (See I was very pleased with the first book, because everything that I wanted to happen did happen.) Ha-ha yeah not with this one. This book laughed in my face and said "No way, MUAHHHAAHHAA" Everything just went wrong some way or another in this book. Sure everything was going all fine and dandy in the beginning (like most books) and then bam there was so much crap going on, someone ignoring someone, some bad decision being made (trust me there were a lot of those). THEN there was this ending, oh yeah not a fan of this ending at all UGHHH.. And OF COURSE it was a freaking cliffhanger!!! Everyone knows that cliffhangers are like the worst things on this planet earth. Yeah well this cliffhanger sucks. Like big time suckage.
This is probably what an author would respond to that "well because we want to make sure you will go read the next one. Yeah well you know what I say to that!! If you actually wrote an amazing book you wouldn't need the freaking cliffhanging to secure your safety of knowing that people will read the next book just because of the stupid cliffhanger.

Now not everything in this book was bad, actually there was plenty of good stuff it’s just there were more annoying/bad things that stuck out to me. The plot was actually pretty respectable. Scott did a good job by creating a story line that was unique and I really liked it.
I really liked the characters. I enjoyed maddy the most. She's really headstrong and stubborn. She got a little caught up in the lime light for a while but she fought her way back to being herself and embracing it. So kudos to her. Now she did make some decisions that myself personally would never had made, but...not everyone’s perfect right. She’s still great and I liked having the old maddy back at the end.
Now jacks...ohh jacks. He decided that being present during this book wasn't important. He took the book off. He was there but never in the right ways. He and maddy had maybe 3 chapters together. He pissed me of a lot throughout the book. Now he was going through a really hard time with not being able to fly, and I felt bad for him because we all know that being a guardian is jacks pride and joy. So I got the whole being disappointed thing. I just feel like it lasted the whole entire book, it just dragged on and on. He needed to pick himself up and realize that there were people who cared about him. That being famous isn't what it’s all about. I really hope that jacks grows up a little in the next book! PLEASE!! :)
Over all it was a decent read, and I look forward to figuring out the answer to the cliffhanger <----(I still hate you with a burning passion)

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