Sunday, June 29, 2014

Here's how ratings work for book drunkards.

( P.S. Wine Glasses are stars) (P.S.S. Lots of metaphors, bare with me)
  •  One Wine Glass= My gosh. That was possible the worst drink (book) in human existence. I will most definitely be avoiding this wine seller (author) in the future. NEVER AGAIN.
  •  Two Wine Glasses= Hmm.. That drink (book) was a bit to dry for my liking. I might give the wine seller (author) a chance in the distance future. Practice makes perfect right?

  • Three Wine Glasses= Peachy, just peachy.  I'm indifferent towards this drink (book), only because it lacked the pinch of ZANG it needed. Overall decent taste. Possibly buying from this wine seller (I think you get the metaphors by now) again.

  • Four Wine Glasses= TOTALLY FEELING THIS. The drink gives me TINGLES, and it has some ZANG. I'm looking forward to buying from this wine seller again! They know how to make a drink. ;)

  • Five Wine Glasses=Holy Crap, I am as drunk as a lightweight college student at a sorority party. The drink has everything I love, LOTS of ZANG, and the TINGLES are on full force. I will be drinking from this wine seller as much as possible. Hopefully they come out with more drinks SOON ;)

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