Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Last Sacrifice

                                                        The Last Sacrifice


                                                          By Richelle Mead
                                                    Rating: Five Wine Glasses

 "But Steph his book is like sooo old" yes, I am fully aware how old this book is. BUT I couldn't help myself. This book has to be reviewed (no matter how long ago it was published, which was four years ago). It's just one of those, HOLY CRAP THE FEELS AND ALL THAT JAZZ. Ergo the need to write about it. Oh and I'm just going to tell you first off that there will be SPOILERS!!!! (BUT that shouldn't be a major problem because most of you have read this book) Seeeeeeee, maybe reading an older book has its perks;)
Rose Hathaway is just hand down one of my FAVORITE CHARACTERS IN THE LITERARY WORLD. She's just got this crazy fun vibe to her, and she's so funny to follow around because she's always punching people. I mean who doesn't like girls who just punch people without think about it first. (I'm sure plenty of people are against that tactic) but with rose this tactic worked out pretty much perfectly every time. So yes, I was a fan of the punch now think later. And her snark. My gosh. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE her snark. Lissa might have become queen of the whole freakin vampire world but ROSE IS THE QUEEN OF HUMOR AND SNARK. SHE RULES. Honestly I feel bad for whoever thinks they can out wit/out snark rose. EVERY TIME she gets into some heat argument I'm just like  "It's just not happening buddy, so you can take your wanna be snark and bow down to the queen." 

The best part about a series is that you get to see the characters grow. Rose in the beginning was just this big bundle of "I'm tough don't mess with me" and don't get me wrong she will always be that. But now you know just how complex rose is. She's compassionate, she's loyal to a fault, she has flaws just like any person that's half human. Point is, that rose isn't just one thing. She's a bunch of little things, maybe some more than others...ahem snark. 
I just want the world to know that I SHIP DIMITRI AND ROSE WITH A BURNING PASSION. Their relationship in this series was done so beautifully and their story is so incredibly tragic and heartwarming . I have been waiting all SIX BOOKS for them to be together. FINALLY I am satisfied.  And I loved how Rose made Dimitri forgive himself at the end. Ugh, gosh. The feels. She made such an adult move I was so surprised. I'm just like "ahh rose, this isn't irrationally, totally not a you move". 
But like I said characters grow, and Rose grew so wonderfully. I hope Dimitri and Rose grow old together, and all that mushy stuff.
The last thing I really want to comment on is how much I love her dysfunctional family. My gosh, I love them. Abe is like the icing on the cake. I really think he is the only one who could possibly talk Rose in a battle of wits, and I would totally pay to see that. Her relationship with her mom was rough in the beginning, but they made it work. And like I said even though they really are a totally dysfunctional family they are the best and most entertaining dysfunctional family. Probably the only kind of family I would want on a reality television show. I would watch that all day long. 
Richelle Mead really nailed it with this one. She wrapped this series up perfectly. And she stitched my heart back together pretty well. I'm not sure what the future has in store for these lovely character, but "I think it's going to be good" -Rose.


  1. This is a wonderful book review! I'm adding that to my reading list) Thank you for this post! I love your blog, followed you.
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    1. Thanks J! Means a lot! I'll make sure to follow you back! :)