Saturday, December 27, 2014



By: A.G.  Howard

Rating: 4.5 Wine Glasses

So here's the thing, I want to be able to tell you I am going to write this review with complete control, that I'm going to use punctuation, and coherent sentences, but then I would be lying. BECAUSE GUYS I HAVE NEVER WANTED TO JUMP DOWN A RABBIT HOLE MORE THEN I DO RIGHT NOW. YES ALL CAPS IN NECESSARY, BECAUSE YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND THAT IM KIND OF GOING INSANE RIGHT NOW.  


You know those moment in your life where you look at something and think "wow, I will neverrrrrrrr do that/touch that/be that/READ THAT", and then you surprise yourself because you end up sitting in your room reading THAT book on Alice and Wonderland. The exact kind of book you serious told yourself you would never pick up. And thats not even the worst part because while you were doing/reading/ this so call "thing" that once again you told yourself you would NEVER EVER do, you end up totally loving it. And then you just feel stupid. Like I do at this moment, but it's okay because I don't regret it. I wear this shameful mark proudly, because guys this book is worth it.

I'll start off with my love for these characters; I obviously expected the classic Alice and Wonderland characters. Ha, I did not see ANY OF THIS coming.  A.G. ditched these characters in the freaking wind. Andddd I loved it. Sure you have the whole Wonderland back ground and setting, but the setting isn't even that similar to the Wonderland we know and I was really drawn to that. It was for sure morbid and a bit darker, but that only peaked my curiosity more.  She did a magnificent job of creating completely new characters, and wow. The MC was the perfect balance. She was troubled; I mean her mom is in an asylum, so totally makes sense. But she really pushed through all her troubles and fought to fix them. That's what makes her such a wonderful character to follow. Alyssa never stopped fighting, even when she was faced with strange looking creators, and weird powers. I think the thing I love the most about her was her ability to accept who she was, sure she didn't want to believe in the beginning, but I loved that she embraced it sooner than most characters would. So did that wonderfully amazingly beautiful best guy "friend" of hers. JEB. Wow. Crying.

 So maybe I just need to restart life with a hot best guy friend? Gosh, fiction torments me, and I love it more then I should. I'm just going to be short and sweet when I say there will for sure be a  (sorry for the curse word) love triangle in this series. Ugh. Yes. Cue the groaning, and angry noises we make when those words pop up together. Buttttt I'm already pretty positive who she will end up with, so I can tackle this love triangle pretty easily. And I'm not going to lie; both of the two guys interest me. I might like a certain pierced (hint hint wink wink) boy more for her. But I will totally take the guy she leaves behind. Maybe a trip to Wonderland will happen after all?

I dived right into this book on the very first page, and I will probably start binge reading the second one the moment I finish this. So because I'm kind of impatient, I'll leave it at this: Go jump down a rabbit hole. Preferably one called Splintered.
Stay Drunk...on Books,


  1. Oh boy, you just wait until you finish Unhinged... then you'll understand why we've all been DYING to get our hands on Ensnared!! I really have no clue who she's going to end up with!

    1. I finished Unhinged!!! And wow. Sooo that love triangle that I thought I had under control......Not so sure now. I just Pre-ordered Ensnared.