Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Fifth Wave

The Fifth Wave
By: Rick Yancey

Rating: 5 Wine Glasses

When I first started this book I expected it to be absolutely phenomenal, totally not disappointed. This is a wave you seriously want to ride. (Lame pun attempt).It's really hard to find books that posses balance. Most books tend to lend toward a specific theme. Whether it's romance, or nonstop action, or suspend there is usually one that stands out more than others, but in the Fifth Wave I felt like Rick Yancey made some crazy perfect combination of everything. Sure, its crazy action packed, but it's not just action packed. It gives you everything in equality, and at different time with different characters. 
 I'm just going to be blunt and say I usually hate duel perspective books, I feel like it takes away from the suspense, but in this book it only heightened it. Being able to be in different characters mind just made this book that much more interesting and contributed majorly to the whole balance thing Yancey has going. Obviously each character has a different story, and it's just wonderful being able to go through their mind and see just how flipping freaked they were about there situation.
Cassie was my favorite to follow around, mainly because she just had a lot of moxie. If you're look for a character who has a crap load of spunk, Cassie possesses that spunk, and I'm talking big time.  She's a fighter because she has to be, but in those quiet moments when she’s alone with her thoughts you see just human and afraid she is. Because HELLO IT’S THE ALIEN APOCALYPSE AND SHES BEING HUNTED. But just because Cassie is scared out of her mind doesn't mean she doesn't have the guts to do what she has to do, she goes though the hardship of being alone, of killing someone to survive, and challenging the number one rule she's lived by since the alien apocalypse started: Trust no one. She can kick ass, but not like some avenging warrior angel, she knows how to defend herself in a totally realistic way, and I thank Rick Yancey for that. Because if she just happened to transform to some crazy kick ass warrior princess, I would not be ranting about how much I love this book right now. This book is fiction, but everything about the characters were real, Cassie was completely relatable. She questioned and fought over everything any other person would in her situation. And she has sass, and I really do like my sassy characters.

“Prayers are promises, too, and these are the days of broken promises.”

This books whole plot revolves around promises and fear. Promises to save someone, to go back for them. The fear that you are losing your humanity, and the person next to you isn't who they say they are. This book makes you question every little thing because you really don't know what the freak is going to happen next.

The romance is this book was definitely in the back ground but like I said there was balance. Everything was placed where it was needed, and I couldn't have asked for a more diverse book. If you are looking for high intensity, crazy action, adventure, and a sassy Cassie you should pick this one up.
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