Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Hello to the lovely person reading this right now. This review is kinda me bashing this book and yes I know, I should look at the positives. I TRIED. I really did, but its just not happening. So  instead of calling it bashing the book, we will just say I'm warning you to NEVER EVER-even if its the last book on earth-pick up this book. PLEASE. So without further Ado (Ado really is a funky word) my WARNING to you. :)
By: Jeff Sampson
Rating: 2 Wine Glasses (I'm being nice here)
Lets just take a second to appreciate this cover, because it is the only thing I actually liked about this book. Its BEAUTIFUL. It has the mysterious swirling blood (yeah, kinda creepy, but it adds to the cover) and some chick who's face you can't see because she in shadow (Which just adds to the NEED TO KNOW factor) Point being, awesome cover. Now the book, not so much.

This book was ehh.. it had a really great beginning, and I was thinking "Wow this could actually be a really great series!!" Well obviously I was lying to myself.
Once I got to page 70 somewhere around there well it just sunk like a rock, or an anchor(preferably something extremely heavy). It just plummeted straight down. It was this constant, Oh Emily becomes crazy night time Emily and it just got boring. OVER AND OVER AND OVER. Plus I didn't like Daytime Emily that much and I am very much a geek lover sooo it must've been because she was just a boring-suck-the-fun-out-of-everything-geek. Obviously not my type of person. Now the nighttime version of Emily was just as bad for me, sure she could kick some serious butt and I do like my douse of butt whipping but that wasn't enough for me. She was just to insane and over the top, plus she did stupid things the WHOLE time. Yeah I know the book called it "fearlessness" but personally I would prefer the term stupid.
Now the ending was better, a little less repetitive and became a tad more interesting. Though it was not enough to redeem the whole book. I think that there was potentially for a really great story here.  I really wish it was a better book. oh well.
Stay Drunk Guys....On books. ;) -Steph

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